South Swedish folk costume details

What is a “traditional” folk dress? You might think of the Sari’s of India, the Kimono of Japan or even the denim style of 19th century cowboys. As it is every region of the world have their own style; mine included. It’s not a constant and it has of course changed through the centuries with influences and the fashion of the day.

Below are some samples of my own region of Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden, in fact the photos below show styles from the very south of Skåne.

It’s rather rare to see anyone wearing them, and when you do it’s often on very special occasions like weddings or midsummer and I guess that the cost of making/having them made is rather intimidating.


Simple photography: Up

Geometrical lines and the blue gradient of a morning sky

Simple photography: Up.

Bonus post: shooting poultry again

I’ve come to appreciate these birds as a subject of photography, the sheer width of different looks and colours make them an interesting subject.

Also included are two photos of a magpie, my daughter works at a Vet and this young bird was brought in with a concussion. It was re-released seconds after I took the shots (after being under observation for a day)


The hat

The 70-200 Squirrel

Modern architecture

Modern architecture

Modern architecture

Ancient Egypt