It’s not a secret that since I got the excellent 24-70 it has more or less stayed permanently on my camera (except for specific instances where I need the 70-200).

I’ve come to realize that what I have missed is the kind of photography I did when I was a very happy owner of my very first “real” camera.

On it came a kit lens; the very common 24-70. It was slow and not suitable at all for any kind of low light photography but it was very versatile for everyday shots, documentary style.

As the years progressed and with them my knowledge, I purchased more specialized lenses; fixed ones and a fantastic telephoto zoom.

And while fixed lenses often have outstanding quality and they force you to zoom with your feet and become more creative they also had a drawback;

My more snapshot photography (I was a novice) disappeared.

When I look back at my early photography I’ve come to realize that the photos I cherish the most arent the creative ones, nor the sharpest or technically best ones, – it is the everyday photography documenting the life of me, my family and my friends.

There is a case to be made that the mobile phones fill this role today but I’ve never felt comfortable shooting with one.

This is where the 24-70 comes in; I finally bought one again last year,

No, not a slow kit lens but a professional quality fast one.

It’s been 15 years and I am back where I once started out but this time armed with experience 🙂


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