Among the most relaxing things I know is taking my bike and just go cycling in the countryside, it’s not an fancy sports bike, just your average old bike with 3 gears and sturdy tyres.
I always bring along my camera and a bottle of water tucked away in a backpack.
Yesterday I spent 7 hours slowly biking around. Photography is not the primary thing here but frequent stops are. Even though I was out for the day I covered only a tiny part of the plain.

This southernmost part of my native Skåne is very flat and known as the “Söderslätt” (or “South plain” in english). Up until being conquered by the Swedes and the treaty of Roskilde in 1658 this (as was the wider regions) was a very important part of Denmark, and to this day our danish past is very apparent in our dialect and culture.

It’s a testament to its importance that the region is dotted with great amounts of medieval churches, most of them built on existing holy sites in the early 12th or 13th century. Even though the terrain is flat you can easily see three or four churches from the same viewpoint, evidence of a heavily populated area.

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