Getting creative in 60 minutes

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Yesterday, equipped with a close-up lens (I prefer these to macro lenses) I enthusiastically roamed our small garden for photo opportunities. Summer gardens are excellent photo opportunities.

With a bit of practice everyone can learn how to *see* things in when shooting – what is key here is paying attention to the background and keeping level to the subject; don’t worry if you laying flat on your stomach make you look silly; it’s all worth it.

I intentionally moved the camera to find the best backdrop – having the shallow DOF helps a lot but even here odd patches of colour migh be distracting.

I originally toyed with the idea of speading these photos out over time (to keep my blog updated) but – putting my ego aside – realized that it might actually be useful to people to see how much can be found in such a short time and in such a narrow space.

So here are 43 of the photos i took in 60 minutes

(Technical info: these were all shot in [M]anual mode and custom white balance, but neither is necessary for a novice shooter, in fact it might even make it overly complicated and not very enjoyable)



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