Effective and simple solution for loose rubber grip (on lenses)

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(I also posted this on DPreview as it was a great finding that I like to share)

For some time one of the rubber grips (the back one) on my 70-200 has been loose due to the rubber having expanded. I know that you can order new ones for cheap from China (and I did), but it will take a couple of weeks to arrive.
In the meantime I tried various means of holding it in place (glueing is a big no-no), the I suddenly came to think of the mug that my daughter had given me as a birthday present…

You know the kind of mugs that look like lenses (though a Nikon user my daughter had bought me a Canon one ).
I realized that the mug used real rubber grip, I pulled it off an lo and behold – it fitted on my 70-200, the only thing I needed to do was to cut away one of the segmentations of the ring (it has 4 whereas the lens had 3 rows).
The rubber also has the benefit of being sturdier than the more flimsy original.
These mugs cost less than ā‚¬10 and can be found just about everywhere.

Happy šŸ™‚


New rubber grip

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